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Campus Administration

Neidig Elementary School

13700 County Line Road
Elgin, Texas 78621
Phone: (512) 281-9702
Fax: (512) 281-9703


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Name Position/Title Email Ext.
Gutierrez, Cecily Counselor 1605
Morales-Galvan, Yoatzin CIS Program Manager 1665
Moore, Talea SEL Counselor 1656


Front Office Support Staff

Name Position/Title Email Ext.
Jaimes Leon, Fidelia Administrative Asst. - Principal's Office 1601
Vacant Administrative Asst. - AP's Office   1606
Rosborough, Stephanie Nurse 1604
Padron, Estella Receptionist 1600
Jaiswal, Jessica Registrar  1603


Teachers & Campus Support Staff

Name Position/Title Email Ext.
Almazan, Margarita Teacher 1st Grade 1640
Amaro, Gabrielle Teacher 1st Grade 1617
Anders, Jennifer Teacher 4th Grade 1637
Arbuckle, Aaron Teacher 2nd Grade 1699
Arrigunaga, Alberto Teacher Kinder 1609
Becerra, Maritza Teacher 2nd Grade 1697
Bell, Dorothea Teacher Kinder 1615
Bolis, Valentina Long-Term Substitute 1680
Brown, Paola Long-Term Substitute  
Camarillo, Crystal Classroom Aide Inclusion 1626
Casales, Zina Teacher Intervention 1675
Causey, Bridget Teacher Music 1694
Clawson, Kimberly Teacher 4th Grade 1651
Clowdus, Kristy Teacher Kinder 1639
Conrad, Emily Teacher 3rd Grade 1693
Davis, Annie Classroom Aide Life Skills  
Davis, Katelyn Classroom Aide Life Skills  
Dube, Elizabeth Student Teacher  
Dumbeck, Breann Teacher 1st Grade 1633
Escalante, Maritza Classroom Aide Intervention  
Farmer, Regina Teacher Technology 1650
Ferrabone, Josefina Teacher 2nd Grade 1654
Garcia, Maria Long-Term Substitute   
Garcia, Vanessa Classroom Aide Intervention 1629
Garza, Jessica Instructional Coach Math 1672
Gomez, Yvette Classroom Aide Life Skills  
Grames, Jennifer Teacher Art 1616
Guerra, Christina Teacher Kinder 1677
Higgins, Cheryl Classroom Aide ISS 1626
Hodges, Markita Teacher 3rd Grade 1627
Hudson, Rachelle ACE Site Coordinator 1632
Huitron, Diana Early Literacy Specialist  
Huitron, Lesley Classroom Aide Intervention  
Humphries, Hazel Teacher 3rd Grade 1631
Jackson, Kenneth Classroom Aide PE  
Jaramillo, Giselle Classroom Aide Intervention  
Jimenez, Margarita Classroom Aide Intervention  
Jimenez, Ruben Teacher 2nd Grade 1645
Jones, Ashley Classroom Aide Intervention  
Kaptein, Amy Teacher 1st Grade 1628
Landry, Carolina Teacher 4th Grade 1695
Lang, Eileen Teacher 2nd Grade 1623
Lee, Morgan Teacher PE 1613
Luna, Kelsey Teacher Special Ed 1671
McDonald, Terri Instructional Coach Reading 1611
Mojarro, Marta Teacher 3rd Grade 1634
Moreno, Sabrina Classroom Aide Life Skills  
Morris, Katherine Teacher 1st Grade 1618
Nungesser, Alessandra Teacher 1st Grade 1698
Odu, Grace Teacher 3rd Grade 1649
Patterson, Sarah Classroom Aide Inclusion  
Pearce, Susan Occupational Therapist 1670
Pool, Deja Teacher Special Ed 1646
Ramsey, Matthew Teacher 4th Grade 1657
Rankin, Kaci Classroom Aide   
Richardson, Ashley Teacher Dyslexia 1630
Rivera, Amber Teacher 3rd Grade 1679
Robledo, Ursula Teacher 2nd Grade 1647
Rogers, Erica Long-Term Substitute  
Smalley, Jaci Early Literacy Specialist  
Smith, Joanna Librarian 1625
Soto, Madison Teacher 4th Grade 1638
Terrell, Tina Teacher Gifted & Talented 1674
Torres, Mindy Teacher 4th Grade 1622
Villarreal, Diana Early Literacy Specialist  
Ward, Henry Crossing Guard  
Wells, Amy Teacher 3rd Grade 1620
Wolfe, Lindsey Teacher Special Ed 1644
Wyatt, Shavon Teacher Kinder 1619